Images from scratch

Using Luet to compose images from scratch

The Docker image is a scratch Docker image always kept up-to-date with the latest luet version. That image can be used to bootstrap new images with Luet repositories with the packages you want, from the repositories you prefer.

For example we can mount a config file, and later on install a package:

cat <<EOF > $PWD/luet.yaml  
  - name: "micro-stable"
    enable: true
    cached: true
    priority: 1
    type: "http"
    - ""

docker rm luet-runtime-test || true
docker run --name luet-runtime-test \
       -ti -v /tmp:/tmp \
       -v $PWD/luet.yaml:/etc/luet/luet.yaml:ro \ install shells/bash
docker commit luet-runtime-test luet-runtime-test-image

# Try your new image!

docker run -ti --entrypoint /bin/bash --rm luet-runtime-test-image

In this way we will create a new image, with only luet and bash, and nothing else from a scratch image.

Last modified June 24, 2024: Update goreleaser command (1712988)