Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t build packages

There might be several reasons why packages fails to build, for example, if your build fails like this:

$ luet build ...

 INFO   Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?
  ERROR    Error: Failed compiling development/toolchain-go-0.6: failed building package image: Could not push image: toolchain-go-development-0.6-builder.dockerfile: Could not build image: toolchain-go-development-0.6-builder.dockerfile: Failed running command: : exit status 1
  ERROR    Bailing out

means the user you are running the build command can’t either connect to docker or docker is not started.

Check if the user you are running the build is in the docker group, or if the docker daemon is started.

Luet by default if run with multiple packages summarize errors and can be difficult to navigate to logs, but if you think you might have found a bug, run the build with --debug before opening an issue.

Why the name luet?

Well, I have the idea that programs should be small, so they are not difficult to type and easy to remember, and easy to stick in. luet is really a combination of the first letters of my fiancee name (Lucia) and my name (Ettore) lu+et = luet! and besides, happen to be also a small bridge in Italy ;)